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As a prospective franchisee or start-up, you benefit from our expertise and our network of established franchise systems.

We support you in finding the right franchise partner program and provide you with first-class contacts. Let’s start your business journey together and pave your path to success in franchising. Contact us today to benefit from our professional advice.

Our services at a glance

  • Franchise system consulting

  • Quick location checks

  • Franchise property management

  • Start-up coaching

  • Franchise Insights

  • Innovative franchise marketing

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International Franchise Network

We open the door to the international franchise world for you! As a network partner of successful franchise systems, both nationally and internationally, we offer you a first-class franchise network. Benefit from our many years of expertise and established partnerships to make your entrepreneurial dream come true. Our international franchise network opens up countless opportunities for growth and expansion. Join a global franchise community and use our connections to successfully build your own franchise business. Contact us today to shape your franchise future with us and benefit from our international network.

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Quick location checks

Simple, precise and comprehensive location analysis. Success factors quickly identified.

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Identification of white spots

We support you in finding undiscovered areas with great potential for your franchise network.

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Franchise system consulting

We support you in finding the right franchise partner program and provide you with first-class contacts.

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Identify target groups regionally

Our first-class team of market researchers has many years of experience in regional target group analysis.

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Location reports for the franchise industry

We examine market conditions, competitive environment, target group potential and much more. With our tailored location reports you can make informed decisions and minimize risks.


Franchise property management

We support you in finding the right property for your company location or offer you existing locations in attractive locations. Discover first-class franchise properties with us without the stress of searching. Whether it's busy city centers, popular high streets or strategic business areas, we'll take care of it so you can focus on growth.

Recognize potential, achieve success: Your success begins with the right location. We conduct precise potential analyzes to ensure your franchise grows in places where it can thrive. Data-based and targeted.

Start-up coaching - no stumbling blocks with us

We accompany you in all start-up phases and provide you with experienced mentors

Unleash your entrepreneurial potential! Our business start-up coaching for franchisees offers you tailor-made support on your path to success. Our experts will accompany you in all areas and provide you with advice. From selecting the right franchise system to financial planning and marketing strategy – we are your reliable partner. Benefit from our experience and start your franchise journey with confidence. Together we make your entrepreneurial dreams come true. Contact us today for a personal consultation.


Innovative franchise marketing

Reach new heights with our innovative franchise marketing! Our omnichannel marketing approach offers you a groundbreaking strategy to effectively address your target group. We use the latest technologies and channels to strengthen your franchise and increase your sales. Whether online, offline or a seamless connection between both worlds – we create a unified brand experience for your customers.

With our innovative franchise marketing, you will become a brand that stands out from the crowd. Be a pioneer in your industry and use our expertise to make your franchise company a success. Contact us today and let us shape your franchise future together.

Current franchise insights - we have the numbers for your success

Get valuable franchise insights for your successful start as a franchisee! As experienced market researchers in the franchise sector for over 20 years, we offer you current findings and insights. From in-depth market analyzes to factors critical to success and future-oriented trends – we provide you with the crucial knowledge for your franchise decisions. Use our expertise to put your entrepreneurial journey on solid foundations. Start your franchising success story today and stand out from the competition. Contact us to benefit from our valuable franchise insights and turn your vision into reality.

We will help you find the right franchise partner program and support you in all phases of starting a business

What can we do for you?

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Location and potential analysis

Maximize your potential through professional location analyzes for your franchisees.

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Franchisee business coaching

We accompany you on your path to corporate success and maximize your potential as a franchise partner.

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Local Promotions & Digital Marketing

We will make your event big on site! Take advantage of our expertise in event advertising and marketing. With us you can reach your target group everywhere!